About D6

What is a district?

A group of meetings in a geographical area designated by Al-Anon Family Groups.

Who makes up our district?

Counties: Madison, Oneida, Herkimer

What are district meetings?

District meetings happen semi-regularly to discuss what is happening at our local meetings. We work to understand how the traditions and concepts relate to service work. As a group we seek to provide support to individual groups by using the tools of the Al-Anon program to guide us. We try to keep a pulse on success and struggles of our meetings. We also listen to how groups want to connect outside of regular meetings, by attending Al-Anon or AA events in the area.

Who’s serving you?

District Representative

Alternate District Representative

Paul F.

Geri W.

Creative Tech
Emily K.

Dei G./Emily K.

Theresa, Bernadette, Kathy, Gloria, Cindy

History & Purpose:

  We belong to District 6, an area that includes Oneida, Herkimer and Madison Counties. We are one of 29 Districts in the State of New York. In recent years District Meetings failed to get support from local Al Anon Groups. The Groups themselves were not being nourished and supported, and many Groups closed. No one that we have talked to is quite sure how this happened; sometimes 12 Step Groups have their own personalities and problems.

  It became clear to many of us that we needed to revive the District Meetings in order to keep up with local groups and include them in the greater Al Anon community i.e. the city the state, and the World Service Organization (WSO). Thus a few of us set a date to meet as the new, improved District 6!

  Our purpose is to represent the members of all Al Anon groups in our District and to serve as a source of information and support. This includes:

  • Uniting groups within our district.
  • Informing groups of news from our Area in the State of New York as a whole and the World Service Organization.
  • Encouraging members to get involved in service.
  • Planning events for fun, fellowship and sometimes fundraising.
  • Coordinating service and public outreach projects.

AL-ANON Structure

Organizational structure, illustrated as an inverted pyramid

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